Worst Dorm Pranks, Ever! You Got to See This

Someone had a lot of time on their hands! Hope they helped clean up afterwards too.


Okay, design coordination? Weird art? Happy dorm room! This is one of the worst dorm pranks we’ve seen.


“Hi.” At least there’s a nice greeting for you after you’ve had to clear dozens of plastic cups away just to open your door. We say this is one of the politest dorm pranks ever.



Wow! A dorm prank that turns your dorm room into something from the set of Moonraker.  Pure genius!


Well yes, maybe not one of the worst dorm pranks ever but we found it funny.  We thought we’d share.


Who ever came up with this prank must have really loved the man in the photo.  Well, it was just one of those days when you wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed.


This is one of the worst dorm pranks ever! Looks like a pile of fun though.


This prank has to be one of the most annoying we’ve seen. Imagine having to sort this mess out.

This is one of the worst pranks that we’ve ever seen. A very creative furniture design.


Seems that Spiderman has been here! Imagine waking up to this across your room.


A lot of time must have been invested in arranging the cups like this. The prankster is seriously committed to setting this up.


“Do you like the tape?”  We’re pretty sure we know the victims answer to this prank!


That’s an incredible display of balance and death like sleep.  Hope he’s ok under there!


So much waste of precious duct tape. We hope they recycled when they finally made it out.


This worst dorm prank turned this man into a funny-looking creature.  We love the pink bow-tie the best.


Unquestionably one of the worst dorm pranks ever. We would never be able to leave the room again.  Just call for help and hope someone else opened the door.