27 Visual Tricks That Will Twist Your Brain

This is not a barcode! There is a hidden figure inside this little box! Just shake you head and it’ll be revealed!

This is a little experiment for you! Read the colors written and time yourself. Then read the actual color (NOT the written one) and time yourself!! You’ll see how your brain takes longer to process words when the visual experience differ.

Focus on the + sign in the middle of the circle and wait for the missing dots to turn green.

Read this carefully… If you can spot the second “the” the first time you read, then well done! You must be a very attentive person!

Just focus on one yellow dot and see how the others disappear. They do as they hit the yellow dot.

This visual trick can be hard to spot! Just focus on the middle bar! If you see it changing colors, then you are being fooled by the visual illusion!

Ok so stare at the red dot for about 10 seconds… Careful don’t blink!! And tadaaa the magic of science operates!

Move closer towards the screen and go back. Focus on the back dot in the middle! The rings move as you get closer and farther away from your screen!

Stare at the dot in this photo and see what happens. Ah yes, a visual illusion, the view appeared as the wall colors changed. Amazing!

The Rubix Cube is an interesting mind game, made more interesting by this trick! Get a Rubix Cube and try yourself.

Liar liar… This looks like the face of a man wearing glasses, possibly drawn using ink. But there is a word hidden in this drawing!!

The way shadows work is very interesting! If you look at this dancer’s shadow you get the illusion that she is going up and down as well as turning. However, if you look at her head only, you will realize that she only spins! It is the shadow that gets closer and further away from her foot. The dancer doesn’t actually move up and down.

One of the cutest GIFs we found. If you love the Jurassic Park, then you will love this trick.

Okay, so the direction of where the top arrow is pointing changes as the water level changes, too. Clever! Perhaps, science has an explanation on this.

These lines are straight and parallel to each other!! The trick is caused by the position of each black and white box!

You see the two yellow and blue box moving at different speed… However, they are not!! As the background changes, the reality is revealed to you!

A and B have the same color. Put your finger in the white stripe and be surprised!

There are two different visual effects here!! Take a close look at the black area and the white space in between! You have to concentrate hard!

Good thing this is just a visual trick! The highway patrols won’t be happy seeing you hitting those barriers.

These visual effects figures are truly amazing! It is something people could spend hours looking at to try and figure out the whole extent of it.

Nothing is grounded anymore, what is up is also down and what is down is up in reverse. That’s a fantastic trick!

Stare at the black dot and see what happened!! The castle may have magically appeared!

The seat’s taken, obviously. Clever editing and presentation. The chair is facing a different direction from the way the man is sitting!

the cigarette might be rolling down or just rolling flat towards the first cigarette! You would not run out of supply from this trick!

OK, cool. If you look closely, you will see that there is a woman in front of this man! However it also looks like this man has a thick long blond beard!

If you think the carpet is moving, it is because you are being tricked by this visual illusion! This trick really fooled our eyes. Amazing!

  This is a real masterpiece! Amuse yourself and count the number of animals and objects are hidden in this drawing!