Tweets from ESPN’s Laid Off Talents

Ed Werder was shocked at the announcement. And what makes it worse is that he does not have any plans to retire.

He’s one of the affected talents that was laid off by ESPN recently. He aired on Twitter that he was one of the cuts by the sports network.

He only worked five great years with ESPN, but revealed it was a great opportunity to work for them.  He stayed positive by saying that he enjoyed working with the good people of ESPN.

He revealed in his Twitter handle that his tenure at ESPN came at a close. He also said that he’s looking forward his next adventure.

He’s sad to end his 9-year ESPN career, being a part of the massive terminations that happened recently.

She said that she’s also received a call that her contract will not be renewed by ESPN.

He’s one of those enthusiastic laid off talents saying that he’d immediately find a new challenge. He also shared that he enjoyed covering the B1G.

He said that he loved every bit of his eight years at ESPN and added that he’d miss it.

Jim is obviously part of that big decision from ESPN to lay off many of their talent. He said that he felt blessed and privileged to have worked at the company and most importantly working with many great people.

He said that it was an awful day for all in Bristol.

He shared his long statement via his Twitter handle and revealed that he’s taken pleasure mentoring young and new reporters who are working inside and outside the company.

She revealed that she’s feeling grateful for her three-year career at ESPN and that she’d cherish best friends she made in the network.

He said that he’s got no plans on being sidelined long and that he’s excited for what’s next in his career.

He’s thankful for all the great people that he’s worked with at ESPN, MLB and all.

He said that the cuts made that day would impact ESPN’s Baseball Tonight.