Meet the World’s Deadliest Animals You Won’t Want to Encounter

Deathstalker: This venomous creature is found in the Middle East and North Africa.  The creature is linked to more than 75% of all scorpion deaths annually.

Africanized Honey Bee: These killer bees can chase their victims for miles! They are some of the deadliest animals on earth that you do not want to encounter.  These genetically mixed, African and European bees, spread throughout the Americas.

Rhinoceros: Many deaths in the world are related with this deadly animal. It has terrible eyesight, but it is very easy to startle. Once they lock their sights on a target, it would be hard to escape except if the subject can run more than 40 mph.

Cone Snail:  The venom of this animal can kill 20 people. Sometimes, the animal is referred to as a cigarette snail.  The between the animals sting and death can be just the time it takes to smoke a cigarette.

Stonefish: This animal lies camouflaged on the floor of the ocean. It waits for its targets, usually fish, to swim by before it attacks with its jaws that opens and swallows its prey at top speed. The deadliest part however, is the venomous spines on its back.

Great White Shark:   A clever animal that that ambushes prey from below at great speed. While they do not usually target humans as food, they do sometimes mistake them for other prey such as seals and turtles.

Black Mamba: They are some of the most dangerous animals on earth.  Scientists often called them death incarnate.  This animal is known in many myths and legends for being fast and aggressive.

Cape Buffalo: It is known as the widow maker in Africa. The animal is accountable for numerous deaths every year.

Poison Dart Frog: This animal can kill up to 20,000 mice! The poison is also located on its skin surface, so humans should not touch it.

Polar Bear: The great polar bear has no natural predators.  It can kill and eat almost anything it encounters in it’s natural habitat. This bear fears no one including other polar bears.

Box Jellyfish: This creature kills more people than the Great White Shark annually. It is often referred to as the most venomous animal of all.  Its venom is so potent that it kills at lightning speed.

African Lion: While this animal generally doesn’t have humans at the top of it’s preferred menu, they have been known to attack humans on the odd occasion.  One famous case was the Tsavo man-eaters that killed 28 railroad workers in just over a period of nine months.

Boomslang: While thay are usually very shy, things can get very messy if they attack. The venom of this creature can completely disable blood clotting, meaning its victim will slowly die while bleeding out from all of their orifices.

Puffer Fish: They are one of the most venomous vertebrates in the world, although it’s a delicacy in Japan. The animal will paralyze its victim’s diaphragm, stopping his or her breathing if the food is improperly prepared.

Hyena: The animal, throughout history, has been known for hunting humans. They have a strong affinity to human corpses as well.  The hyena is really one animal to avoid.

Komodo Dragon: They can eat anything just like the polar bears. The creatures only need to eat once a month. They kill a very low number of people because of limited interaction with them.

Tse Tse Fly: It is the main carrier of the African Sleeping Sickness. Every year it is responsible for killing almost 250,000 people.

Leopard: The animal becomes far more dangerous when wounded. They are also very strong. In fact, they prefer to hide while eating and are strong enough to drag dead antelopes up into trees.

Carpet Viper: The victim will slowly bleed to death after its bite. Unfortunately, these creatures thrive in places where there is lack of modern treatment facilities.

Brazilian Wandering Spider: The spider is often found in cars and houses, generally in crowded places. The animals are also very active during the daytime. It is the most venomous animal in the world.

Blue-Ringed Octopus: The venom is sufficient to kill 26 adults. There is also no antidote, according to the experts.  If your friend is attacked, you’re going to really know how to do CPR because he or she will be completely paralyzed and stop breathing within minutes.

Hippopotamus: The animal is very aggressive and also one of the most dangerous animals on earth.  They are territorial and will attack humans no matter the circumstance, they have even been known to destroy a car to do so.

Saltwater Crocodile: It can eat anything, including sharks and water buffalo. It uses a special technique called the death roll. It flips and rolls the victim until he or she drowns.

African Elephant: It can trample even the massive rhinoceros to death. The dangerous animal has been seen to huge bouts of rage. In the past, it has engaged in activities, such as razing an entire village.

Mosquito:  Small but terrible. The is one of the smallest killers in the world.  It is responsible for up to 3 million deaths annually.