Surprizing Facts about The Walking Dead Every Fan Must Know!

HBO made a mistake… They refused to produce the show because it was too violent and the scenes were too graphic! They suggested to tone it down a bit, but the producer Gale Ann Hurd refused!

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Michonne’s story revealed! Michonne’s story was revealed by Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead. Everything was published in an article in “Playboy Magazine”.

The lunch break: during the filming of the series, lunch breaks had a particular rule… Zombies cast and human cast had to eat with their respective types, zombies with zombies, humans with humans! Pretty extreme!

The bicycle girl: if you want to know the back story of the bicycle girl that Rick kills in the first season, there is a way! The producers have created a web series called “Torn Apart” telling her story!

The production didn’t really care about how much money they spent! In the episode where Michonne comes with her two armless pet walkers, could have us fooled that the production hired armless actors… Nope, they went the super expensive way and green screened the arms of the two actors!

The producers spend some extra money for Dale’s organs! Instead of using the traditional vinegar soaked ham, they spent a bit more money to make it extra real! They used chicken breasts instead!

Daryl is hardcore! He takes out zombies using a crossbow! For those who have been raving about this crossbow, you’ll be happy to know you can purchase it at Walmart!!! Yes, it’s called a Horton HD125 and goes for about $300!

Speaking of Daryl, his character doesn’t appear in the comics! That’s because Norman Reedus originally auditioned for Merle Dixon. The producers were so impressed by his performance though that they decided to create an entirely new character just for him!

If you remember Michonne’s first appearance in the second season finale, she is hooded the whole time and we can’t see her face! That’s because it is not Danai Gurira acting in this scene! The production hadn’t cast her yet!

The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad mix match! In the second season you can see Merle Dixon drug bag! If you look close you’ll notice the blue meth manufactures by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad!

West Georgia Correctional Facility, home of many of the characters in the series was built for this purpose! It took a whole 2 months to build it!

In the first season, Amy gets bitten on her neck by a walker and dies! This zombie is no-one else than the show’s production designer, Greg Nicotero!! Everyone had to get their hands dirty!

If you think that playing a walker is easy, well think again! Before you get filmed playing a zombie, you need to go to zombie school! Yes, there is a school that teaches actors playing walkers to act and walk like zombies!

Time is slow in the world of The Walking Dead. Even if the show’s been aired for over five years, only just over 1 and a half year had gone past in the zombie infested world!

Johnny Depp’s part of the series!! Well, almost… The head on the right side is actually an old and emaciated mold of Johnny Depp’s head!!

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A bit of history now. The name of the doctor, Edwin Jenner isn’t a coincidence! It was chosen in reference to Edward Jenner, who was the first doctor to create the first vaccine for smallpox!


Another The Walking Dead-Breaking Bad mix match!! The car that Glen manages to steal in season 1, the Dodge Challenger, is the same car that Walter White buys his son in Breaking Bad!


A last dinner! Every time a death scene is about to be filmed, all the main characters gather and have a last supper together! How sweet!

When the SWAT gets involved… In season 1, Merle Dixon starts shooting with his gun on a roof top! Some people in the area thought this was a real scene happening and called the police! A SWAT team arrived on the set!! Thankfully all was well and nobody got arrested!

Michonne doesn’t like the Governor. In the TV show it is unclear why… In the comic books however, things are a bit more explicit! The Governor had brutally raped Michonne for several days in a row. He subsequently loses his eye, arm and testicle when she finally gets her revenge! The show only has him lose one eye!

Zombie is a real thing??!! Not quite. There is a real disease, however, called the Walking Corpse Syndrome or the Cotard’s Syndrome. The victim is under the illusion that they are decaying and or not existing. They believe they are, literally, a walking dead.