32 Rare Historical Photos You Probably Have Not Seen Before

Amphibious Bicycle – biking over the water never really took off but we would have loved to try it!

To give you an idea of how many couples died in the German Buchenwald concentration camp, let these wedding rings express the answer. A rare historical photo captured on camera.

It was possibly the legendary Frank Sinatra who invented the selfie in 1938. Back then, it was called a self-portrait, which is much classier by the way.

The disaster of space shuttle Challenger was captured in the audiences’ reaction during the launch.  These women were truly shocked by one of the most tragic endings in space explorations in history.

This is a very dangerous school route! Can anyone put a sign ‘saying Children Crossing’?

Even in 1949, Hollywood was a place where big dreams could come true. For some, dreams still come true in one of the most glamorous and star-studded places on earth.

This is what happens when you change the on what side of the road you can drive on, drivers lose control. Look what happened in the streets of Sweden in 1967.

Canada’s national sport was also played in Korea, and is still one of the most popular, no doubt.

This worker daringly stands on just cables while working on the Golden Gate Bridge. Those cables look steady but it’s still scary. He’s a daredevil.

All photos in 1900s were black and white. This retouched photo will help us imagines what it was like back then.

Abraham Lincoln was known for his declaration of independence and his top hat. This is hat he was wearing the night he was assassinated and is now resting in the National Museum of American History

Johnny Depp has always been a deep thinker. Making toasted bread using a flat iron is not a bad idea after all.

These props from Star Wars clearly depict George Lucas’ imagination. We bet these things also tickle your childhood dreams.

We don’t have any idea how those cars got in there, but we’re sure that they have a purpose.

Before their huge red truck, Coca Cola delivery was a humble motor cart. And they were also offering candies!

Gemini 9 was known as “A Bad Call” expedition that almost instigated the end of Project Gemini.

The Russians clearly have their own idea on entertainment. A life-sized chess game in 1924., and it looks great!

Snow White and the seven dwarfs have been spreading happiness in Disneyland since 1961.

This is a pretty HUGE storage device! We can only imagine how much data it could store today. That man was probably wondering the same thing.

In 1920s, London was enjoying the industrial revolution and good vehicles. London was one of the first cities to embrace automotive technology as you could see in the photo.

Before the Rockefeller Plaza was known for its decorative Christmas tree in 1933, there was a 20 ft. balsam fir decorated by workers during the Depression era.

Jack Nicholson was a heartthrob back then. Well, for some he still is now. This photo is one of his rare early shots.

The sinking of Titanic in 1912 crafted many stories. These passengers on the last lifeboat off the ship didn’t know how their lives would change after the tragedy.

Goats being used for carriages as in this photo.  Not something we’ve ever seen before!

There’s just something mysterious about this picture. Just like the assassination of JFK.

Some peoples idea of gun safety. These children in Indiana were curious to learn, though. Look at the face of the young lad who is trying to figure out how it works.

Henry Ford, an American Industrialist, received an award from Nazi officials. This proves that technology knows no boundaries.

Being up there without a harness, these two workers are incredibly really brave.

Those were the days of clear heads and soberness. These two are still legends.

That huge clock needed maintenance and this man clearly did a good job. Let’s just hope he didn’t stay there until midnight.

There could be a huge genetic mishap in this family.  Spot the big difference. That man was Robert Wadlow.

These two may have started the term power couple, and they looked lovely together. What do you think?