Most Embarrassing Sports Photos That Will Shock You

We’re pretty sure neither of the girls in the photo wanted it published. Wrestling is one of those sports in which the athletes would do anything to win, but this act was taking it too far.


Jimmy Rollins got the ball straight in his face, and it surely hurt. He is a great player, but maybe that’s not obvious by just looking at this photo.


The Legends Football League, formerly the Lingerie Football,  is a league that is mostly enjoyed by men. This photo might be able to reveal why that is.


Hurdles racing is one of the most challenging sports. This photo can tell how hard that is in reality. Once step mistimed… and oops, the hurdle’s pounding on your face. That’s got to hurt!


Maybe this runner’s just very determined to finish the race.  Surely a trip to the toilet before you start might not be a bad idea.

We’re pretty sure we know what comes to mind for most people who take their first look at this photo. We can be sure that Rex Grossman in #8 will never hear the end of the comments on this photo.


No doubt that this is one of the most embarrassing photos in sports ever. Big tough Sumo men kissing.


The man in the photo might have lost a few I.Q points after this incident, aside from losing some scorecard points.


It is a perfect representation of the most embarrassing sports photo ever. The photographer captured the face of terror in this pro player as he almost catches a ball with his skull.


Jordan Spieth is one of the finest golfers on earth, but maybe also a little clumsy.  He not only won the trophy but he also broke it, as shown in the photo.


I almost had it! The photographer kindly captured every succession of this drop. This player’s friends were likely not cheering for him in this moment.


Great snapshots are not rare for women in the synchronized swimming sports, and this is one of those most embarrassing and hilarious photos ever captured in the sport.


This is the perfect tactic to slow down your opponent. Indeed, the player on the floor was successful at that, but maybe this shot is embarrassing for both of the players.


Good thing that sights like this one don’t happen very often.  Swimmers and skaters expect some rips and splits in clothing, but maybe not this way. The split just happened to be in the worst position.


“In your face!” The photographer had an amazing capture in this photo.  We can’t help but find this funny.


Catch in the face!  The ball traveled too fast from the opponent to the face of a player from the other team. This photo also made it look like the man has a volleyball instead of a face.


This photo is an example that shows at times wrong uniform choices also occur in sports. These women might not want to see this photo but it is out there. The uniform made them look half naked.


Dustin Brown wanted a quick drink but instead had the water the other way. It looks like this is a common struggle among players, and we’ve seen it happened a couple of times.