After 10 Years, Let’s Take a Look Back At Madeleine McCann Story

May 3, 2017 marks the 10th year of her shocking disappearance. Today, let’s take a look back at some of the events and facts about her disappearance –  in photos.

After 10 years, none knows where Maddie is or if she’s even still alive. Look at this artist impression of how she would have looked today..

Madeleine McCann vanished from Praia da Luz, a holiday apartment in Portugal while her parents, Gerry and Kate, were dining with friends in a nearby tapas bar.

There many theories including strangers that snatched Maddie and sold her into the human slave trade and that she taken by a hovering pedophile. The answer to them, no one knows. Investigators are yet to find a clue that will finally lead to the mystery being solved.

Thousands of alleged sightings were recorded of her.  According to British police, potential sightings were across 101 countries, totaling to 8685… many of these included the hours and days after she vanished. The global manhunt continues….

A nanny on how Maddie’s parents reacted that night spoke.

A nanny at the Ocean Club, in an article published by the SUN on April 18, 2017, expressed her fears. She said that Praia da Luz did not seem like a family resort to her after a girl was attacked a year or so before… saying it’s unsafe.

She saw the parents’ grief after Maddie disappeared.

But what really happened that night Madeleine disappeared out of sight?

Madeleine was not snatched from the room according to some theories stating that she left the apartment finding her parents were out of sight too. Based on this theory, the girl couldn’t have been abducted from the apartment because there was only one way to open the window shutters – from the inside.

In fact, Danny Collins, a veteran writer, insists Maddie could not have been abducted but instead left the apartment before being captured and sold to Roman gypsies. That Collins said could be a logical conclusion.

Profiling experts believe that the little girl died in the apartment. Pat Brown, an American profiler, said that she died there and that there was no evidence of abduction, although this couldn’t proved or be ruled out.

To make matters worse and give investigators an even bigger mystery to solve, there were no fingerprints taken or cordon set up around the area to preserve the crime scene. CCTV in the apartment complex wasn’t operational and another one on the road from the resort was never examined.

On the Case: Parents Kate and Gerry McCann were made prime suspects in September 2007, but lack of evidence saw the status lifted… Portuguese police archived the investigation in July 2008.

The removal of parents as formal suspects in the case does not make them innocent, Portuguese judges revealed.

Even after a decade, no clues of Madeleine’s whereabouts are tracked nor signs that she is still alive are found.