25 Interesting Harry Potter Facts

Rowling was born on July 31st, 1966; Harry Potter was born on July 31st, 1980!!

Moaning Myrtle was already 37 years old when Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was filmed. She’s the oldest among those who portrayed Hogwarts students.

Ron’s character swore a lot but the publisher wouldn’t want her to use bad language as it would be inappropriate for most readers, who are young readers.

The “K” in JK Rowling stands for “Kathleen,” her grandmother’s name. It is not part of her legal name. What a way to choose a pen name. Clever.

Rowling already told Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) about the fate of his character before releasing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. At least there was an advanced notice.

Rowling’s inspiration of “Hogwarts,” according to her, may have come from a plant’s name that she saw in NY!

Rupert Grint auditioned with a rap song saying,” Hello, my name is Rupert Grint, I hope you don’t think I stink.”  Nice one, Ron! It worked! Rupert got the role!

Voldemort means “flight of death” in French. He who shouldn’t be named is has scary as the meaning of his name!

Rowling based Hermione’s character on herself. Hermione’s one of the most loved characters in the series because of her wit and genuine courage. Go Hermione!

During the filming of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, lice outbreak occurred among children actors.  We were itching to discover some trivia about the film… Here you go, a lice outbreak!

Tom Felton got the role of Draco Malfoy, although he auditioned for Ron and Harry’s roles.  Well, we think he best fitted Malfoy’s role, and he did a great job with it.

Sirius Black’s tattoos have a particular meaning! They signify that he should be respected and feared at the same time! A little weird for this character..

A fruit bat and a mini fan were stuck in the shaggy and thick beard of Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane). His beard would catch anything that gets near it, obviously.

Dementors are allegories of depression and represented JK Rowling’s struggle with it.  Well, at least the audience was not depressed when watching the movies!!

As of 2008, more than 400 million books were sold worldwide, and they were translated in 67 languages. What an achievement!

J.K.Rowling was the first author to become a billionaire in the US.  We don’t doubt why. Harry Potter books sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated to many languages.

Ron Weasley was removed from the set during the filming of the Harry and Hermione’s kissing scene in the final movie because he was laughing too much!!

Because Tom Felton kept sneaking food onto the set while filming Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the pockets of his robes were sewed shut.

A flying car used in the film was stolen off the set and was only discovered 7 months later when an anonymous caller informed about its whereabouts to the police. It was finally recovered, but not because it flew back to the set.  That would be shocking.

It seems that Professor McGonagall was a Quidditch player in her time!! Maybe that is why she is so concerned about the game, as seen in the movies and stated in the books.

Because people were struggling to pronounce Hermione’s name, she had the character spell it out in the “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” for Viktor Krum. Now, we know how her name must be pronounced.

Because Harry and Ron had to destroy the infamous locket of Salazar Slytherin, it had to be recreated in about 40 versions!

To prevent truancy, the publisher asked the stores to sell the book only after schools were closed when it “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” was released in Great Britain.

The three main stars, Harry, Hermione and Ron, were asked to write an essay about their characters. Ron never turned his in!!

“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, the least successful film in the series, made $90M more than the most successful film in the Twilight series!