35 Historical Photos You Can’t Unsee

Panda and boy (1935): this is one of the cutest shots we’ve ever seen. Would love to see if the panda managed to take a picture though!

LIFE Magazine’s 1990 Issue featuring the AIDS epidemic:  this photo was taken during the AIDS epidemic. It was published in the 1990 magazine edition of Life. It did change the face of AIDS for the world.

Amelia Earhart’s last haircut prior to an unsuccessful flight, in 1937: this was her last haircut before her last flight that shocked the world.

The face of Armenian Genocide in 1915:  this photo captured Turkish officials teasing starving kids with some food.  It was during the notorious Armenian Genocide in 1915.

Dog in space, Laika, who poses for 1957-space exploration: this is one of the rarest photos ever captured during that time. Laika was an inspiration to many and it just proved that dogs are man’s best friend – even during space explorations.

A tragic sight of a police chief shooting a Viet Cong member in 1968: this was one of those moments showing a horrible scene common during those times. This photo will break your heart.

Jewish women lining up before an execution: some of these women were holding their children as they were lining up and waiting for their execution by the nazi collaborators, Ukrainian and Germans.

A romantic sight, Louis Armstrong and his wife in 1961 in Egypt: a private concert at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids! What a memorable moment!

A Russian slave freed in 1945, accusing the guard who abused prisoners: this photo is one of the rarest ones captured.

A boy with a neck brush, which was meant to cleaning the neck while children were playing in 1950: We are not sure whether this is a scary invention or a genius one…

A German frozen soldier was trying to salute Hitler in the 1940s: this is a rare photo of Hitler comforting one of the soldiers who was trying to salute him even while he was in bed dying.

Tallest Man, Robert Wadlow, 1ç years old, 8 foot 10:  he was indeed the tallest man in history and looked like a giant. ave you ever seen a very tall person like Robert Wadlow?

A shot of Albert Einstein’s office the night of his death in 1955:  this was how his office looked like when he died. The office of a man full of extraordinary ideas!

The staff’s cafeteria at Disneyland in 1961:  even then people loved costumes and Disney characters. Up to this day,  Disney has kept on fascinating young and old audiences alike.

Atari’s National Space Invaders Championship in 1980: this is a photo of young men who gathered for the National Space Invaders Championship.

In 1933, prohibition ended: what a celebration they had! They must have been very happy about the day prohibition ended.

A photo of Osama Bin Laden’s family in Sweden in 1970: this is a rare photo that no one would think exist. Bin Laden, here is the second man from the right. He is in the green shirt.

Mt. Rushmore construction in progress in 1939: Mt. Rushmore is one of the most ambitious projects of all time yet it is also a fascinating landmark that became one of the most famous attractions in the US.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his first bodybuilding competition in 1963: Arnold became an instant celebrity and a lot of men and women have followed his footsteps. Up to now, bodybuilders are still looking up to him.

A Soviet soldier carrying the statue of Hitler’s head during the capture of Berlin in 1945: this is one happy moment for the whole population!

A pile of human ashes in 1944, outside Majdanek concentration camp:  human ashes, this is a terrible picture of the horrific events that took place during the war.

Before Titanic’s sinking in 1912:  the ship of dreams, sank on its journey to the USA and many people died. The Titanic sinking is one of the most significant events of those times.

A naked gunner in 1944: maybe it was really hot up there! Either way, we are enjoying the view!

Men and their new vehicle in 1924:  technology wasn’t really good back then. But we think this vehicle revolutionized the auto industry.

Buzzy Trent posing before surfing 40-ft waves in 1955: this is a historical photo. So kudos to those who made this shot possible.

Guess who’s in Central Park? Robin Williams (1974): always an entertainer right up to the day he died!

Former president Barack Obama with his basketball teammates back in high school: the ex-President of the United States was already competitive in high school.

First time in NY in 1968, Arnold Schwarzenegger was amazed: he looked very amazed with the things he saw in the greatest city on Earth. Welcome to NY!

The famous Harley-Davidson tandem in 1914: they were one of the most famous duos in history. They revolutionized the motorcycle industry!

The Beatles posing for a picture:  we love the Beatles! Perhaps you do too just like millions of their fans around the world.

Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix in 1969: again two amazing artists!

Two superstars in 1992:  everybody knows who they are, even today!

Look who is having a drink: Sting, Tupac and Madonna: they were some of the most popular celebrities before Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as we know now.

The first Ford Factory, also the first car factory in 1926: Ford is one of the most famous car manufacturer in the world. Still now, it is still one of the most reputable.

Rolling stones in 1963: the group was enjoying some free time in this shot.