Greatest Super Bowl Moments You’ll Love to Recall

Look how Larry Brown torments Neil O’Donnell Super Bowl XXX: He is the only defensive back to have won the MVP Honors in the Super Bowl with Jake Scott.

Super Bowl II: The 62-yard touchdown pass of Bart Starr to Boyd Dowler. This is one of the most unforgettable sports moments in the Super Bowl that you may not know about.

Super Bowl XXI:  when the Broncos got fooled once more. The final score for this unforgettable match – NY, 39; Denver, 20

It’s Terry Smith’s moment (Super Bowl XXII): he received his first ever start for the NFL on the biggest sports stage due to an injury to George Rodgers.

Matt Snell assists Joe Namath: this play marked the first time that an AFL team was able to hold a lead against an NFL team. The final score – New York, 16; Baltimore, 7.

The beginning of the surprising rout in Super Bowl XXII:  by the end of the game, Williams was the MVP and the final score was – Washington, 42; Denver, 10.

Tit-for-tat from Jermaine Lewis in Super Bowl XXXV. This blowout from the Baltimore Ravens came during the 3rd quarter when three touchdowns were scored.

When Kenny King and Jim Plunkett connect on the 80 Yard TD in Super Bowl XV: this play set a record at the time, and it came about during a broken play. The final score for the match Oakland, 27; Philadelphia, 10.

Greatest Show on Turf and a high-flying act in Super Bowl XXXIV: the ‘Twins Right Ace Right 999 H Balloon’ was an explosive play. It was when Kurt Warner connected on a 73-yard touchdown with Isaac Bruce.

When the Green Bay’s defense surrenders in Super Bowl XXXII: the defense of Denver held when John Mobley, the linebacker, broke open a 4th down Favre pass to tight end Mark Chmura with only 30 seconds remaining.

When Sammy White was crushed by Jack Tatum in Super Bowl XI:  Jack Tatum proved that he’s the biggest and maybe dirtiest tacklers. He crushed White as he grabbed a pass across the center of the field during the 4th quarter.

When Lynn Swann strikes back in Super Bowl XIII: he had it twice! His touchdown midway through the 4th quarter decided the score.

Terry Bradshaw to John Stallworth in Super Bowl XIV – This moment was during a pass play that did great things for Pittsburgh.

When James Washington assists in turning the tide in Super Bowl XXVIII:  in the game, Dallas scored 17 points off of three turnovers committed by Washington. The final score Dallas, 30; Buffalo, 13.

High-stepping into the end zone! That’s Roger Craig in Super Bowl XIX.  This match is also recalled for the ’20 Bingo Cross’  – the signature play.   The match is also memorable for being the only one that Dan Marino reached in 17 years.

The terrible start of the Bronco’s sets the game’s tone in Super Bowl XLVIII: The mistimed snap between Manny Ramirez and Peyton Manning ended up a safety on the 1st offensive play of this match.

Laying down the Law from the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI: the Patriots won on the final play when Vinatieri hit a 48-yard field goal as time was running out.

When Earl Morrall doesn’t anticipate and see the open Jimmy Orr in Super Bowl III:  the defense of NY was fooled. letting Colts wide receiver Orr  break free to the goal line.

When the Clay-maker attacks in Super Bowl XLV: Green Bay marched the 55 yards remaining for the important touchdown that had helped the Packers take the trophy back for the first time since Favre won with team in 1996.

Ending on a field goal in the Super Bowl V:  the kick from O’Brien became the only last-second field goal that won a Super Bowl for 31 years, until Adam Vinatieri helped beat St. Louis in the XXXVI. The final score of the game Baltimore, 16; Dallas, 13.

The 65 Toss Power Trap in Super Bowl IV: Stram celebrated by yelling to the offensive players while coming off the field. The final score for the match Kansas City, 24; Minnesota, 7.

Unitas to Mackey in Super Bowl V: he led the team to win versus Dallas. The most pivotal play in the match actually happened by accident. He misfired on a pass, which bounced off wide receiver Hinton. So the football was again tipped off by the Cowboy’s Renfro before it was secured by John Mackey. Both Unitas and Mackey are in the hall of fame.

The fast Willie Parker for a show in Super Bowl XL:  his 75-yard touchdown jaunted through the left side of the defense of Seattle, giving the Steelers a 14-3 lead, marking the longest scoring run in history.

Devin Hester and his opening kickoff in Super Bowl XLI:  he delivered the first return of a Super Bowl opening kickoff for a touchdown when zipping the 92 yards through Colts unit of coverage.

Onside kick gamble from Sean Payton in Super Bowl XLIV: he began the third quarter when the grounder booted by kickoff Morstead bounced off Baskett’s chest, but was recovered by wideout Reis of Saints.

Yes, he can throw! Robert Newhouse in Super Bowl XII: he became the first running back that completed a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl.

Eli Manning in the Super Bowl XLVI: he burnt the Patriots with the long ball again in the rematch. The final score NY Giants, 21; New England, 17.

Joe Theismann was intercepted by Jack Squirek in Super Bowl XVIII: this image was Squirek holding the football overhead while he’s scoring, as Joe looked on showed us how the match would unfold.

Special play by Desmond Howard in Super Bowl XXXI:  he finished this Super Bowl record with 244 return yards on kickoffs and punts.

First ever touchdown in history in Super Bowl I: McGee was thrust into the action, and delivered with a 7-catch and 138-yd effort, which included the first ever touchdown in the history of Super Bowl.