Great Super Foods for a Perfect Summer Body

Watermelon: watermelon is your summer diet friend! It contains lots of water to hydrate you and fills you up with a super low calorie count! It is also filled with loads of anti-oxydents and vitamins!

Pineapple: another perfect summer super food! It aids the digestion and preventing blood clots! It is also a great anti-inflammatory and will help you get a flatter tummy!

Sweet potatoes: believe it or not, sweet potatoes are actually a great source of dietary fiber! They help reduce blood sugar and will help reduce tummy fat too!

Nuts: are a great source of protein and fiber that will make you fill satiated! Plus, you can easily accommodate them in a nice salad or on 0% fat yogurt!

Mulberries: they contain a very low number of calories! Plus they are absolutely delicious and perfect as part of a summer treat!

Wild Alaskan Salmon: Alaskan salmon is filled with great oils for your body! It is full of Omega 3 which is an essential nutrient to a healthy heart and helps breaking down fat cells! Plus, it’s delicious!!

Green beans: yes, those are a great summer diet food! They are a great source of iron and fiber! You can have them in a salad and why not add a few nuts with it?!

Salsa: that’s a great way to have a tasty snack that is great for your diet! It has a very low calorie count and goes very well on cucumber, celery, carrots and other healthy food!

Rainbow trout: yes fish again! It is a great summer food! Not only it is tasty, but it is a very good replacement for high calorie meat! You can eat it on the BBQ and it’ll taste wonderful.

Portobello mushrooms: meaty and delicious those mushrooms are a fantastic summer food! Super low in calories and very filling, you can grill them for a hearty healthy meal.

Gazpacho: here is a delicious starter for you! It is filled with great ingredients, it has a very low calorie count and is supply delectable.

Turkey: you’ve probably heard this one before, and it is true! Turkey is a low fat meat, it is full of great nutrients to burn fat! Make sure it is lean though.

Lemons and Limes: staying hydrated is a very important part of a diet especially at the approach of the summer months! Lemons and limes are filled with vitamins and can be added to water to make it more flavorsome and induce drinking.

Wheat: wheat is a great source of vitamins and protein! In small portion it can satiate very quickly and it is great in salads with fruits, nuts and veggies!

Oats: oats are super dietary foods! They have great for healthy, have low a calorie count and help burn fat! You can eat them for breakfast, or even dessert!

Bison meat: believe it or not, but bison meat is actually a great source of nutrients for a diet! It is very lean, has very few calories and is often raised in a more natural way than beef!

Greek yogurt: is a great food for your diet! It contains way more protein than other yogurts, which helps you burn fat! You can get it fat reduced and it is so good with berries and oats in the morning!

Grapes: not only they are delicious and refreshing, they are wonderful for a summer diet! They have low calories and high water content making in them a really good summer snack or dessert!

Eggs: don’t worry, not the chicks, just the egg! Eggs are an extraordinary source of protein! They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just as a snack! In salads, or alone, it is your best friend for your summer diet!

Green tea: is a great drink to have during summer and for your diet! It is filled with good stuff for your body well-being and is a diuretic! Moreover, hot or cold, it’s a very nice drink to have on your terrace this summer!

Dark chocolate: no we’re not crazy!! One square of dark chocolate is a lot more satisfying than milk chocolate, so you’re tempted to eat less! It also has less calories and sugar than milk chocolate and is filled with good nutrients! Everyone needs a sweet comforting snack once in a while, and a piece of dark chocolate is actually a great option!