Celebrity Prom Photos That Will Surprise You

Taylor Swift: when a cool kid dreams to be Taylor Swift, but once upon a time, it was Tay who wanted to be the cool one.

Bruno Mars:  Bruno Mars did not mind breaking the iconic prom pose. He is really always up to something interesting even for the prom!

Rihanna: Guess you have a hard time spotting the problem with Rihanna. Because really, there is nothing wrong with Riri, except perhaps if you move your eyes to the other side.

Beyonce: that is a very interesting dress that Beyonce is wearing for her prom! Anyway, she’s consistently gorgeous.  But surely, this could be one of those photos she remembers forever.

Blake Lively:  even one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood was once a victim of fashion in 2000. Guess, the past is in the past. Blake Lively has certainly regained herself in the red carpet!

Britney Spears: something just did not match in Britney Spears look. Not really sure if it is her hair, her dress, or her background blue cloth and plant.

Brad Pitt: first of all, Brad Pitt’s date was beautiful. But maybe he did not get the memo. Maybe he played a rock song during the party.

Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga still has her poker face on, but not so in her normal self.  Well, we know Gaga to be an outrageous, extraordinary dresser. But this photo is one of those in which she’s totally natural and beautiful.

Demi Lovato: this photo proves how Demi Lovato can make a vow even when dating a Jonas brother at that time. Here she is with her childhood friend whom she promised to be his date. What a lovely woman she is!

Fergie: if Instagram and Twitter had been created when this photo of Fergie was taken, it could have trended and it could have been all over the internet for a very long time. She should have met the Black Eyed Peas earlier and the boys might have helped her out a little!

Jessica Alba: maybe Jessica Alba forgot she was attending a prom and not a Halloween costume party. It was too early for her Milkmaid Halloween costume. But that smile from her date looks like he had too much candies!

Ellen Degeneres: yes, this is Ellen Degeneres in a dress! But was she attending a prom or a festival? But please take a look how handsome her date was!

Jimmy Fallon: was Jimmy Fallon’s date tanned or was it just him borrowing Dracula’s foundation? Well, we’re confused.

Danielle Fischel: he was one of the luckiest to date N’SYNC’s Lance Bass during her prom until he changed his sexual preference.

Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian probably would not post this on Instagram. This is not really Instagram worthy. Anyway, this was one of those times where Kim was just gorgeously natural.

Scarlett Johansson: she could have just traveled to the future and used her Black Widow costume for her prom rather than this one. By the way, this is Scarlett and Jack Antoff attending prom in 2002.

George Clooney: whatever era you put George Clooney in, he will always have a date for prom. He’s just dashing and a head turner at that.

Jennifer Aniston: Jennifer Aniston being Jennifer Aniston, classy, stunning and fashionable! She’s consistently a sweetheart.

Sarah Clarke: when two stars come together in a prom, it is definitely one for the books! Here is John Hamm with the beautiful Sarah Clarke. This photo isn’t that bad. We think so.

LeBron James: well, this is sweet and a memorable moment for these lovebirds. LeBron James attended his prom with his high school sweetheart who is now his wife, Savannah Brinson. And to make it sweeter and memorable for you guys, Savannah was carrying their baby at that time, she was five months pregnant with their first child!

Ryan Seacrest: Even Ryan Seacrest cannot make this embarrassing prom photo a secret. Well, everyone has that little secret that they want to bury forever.

Matthew Mc Caugnahey:  take a moment and just appreciate this prom picture of Matthew Mc Caugnahey and his date. Okay, blue was the motif of the prom. No question.

Usher:  just let it burn Usher, let it burn.  Seems his date wasn’t ready for the shot, however. They looked good. Just our opinion.

Taylor Lautner:  This is Taylor Lautner being Jacob and Sharkboy at the same time. Yes, and there is no question. Look at the hair.

Michelle Obama: paging Former US President Barack Obama, she looked beautiful then and now!

Kelly Pickler: Genie in a bottle?  Ah maybe a belly dancing costume?  No, it was for prom.  Here is Kelly Pickler… confused it seems as she was attending a prom and not a belly dancing class.

Claire Danes: still pretty, Claire might have been one of the most beautiful ladies that night. She’s always a headturner.