Celebrities Who Almost Died

Sarah Silverman:  the comedian Sarah Silverman had a peculiar condition called epiglottitis in summer 2016 and was rushed in Cedar-Sinai hospital. This is a condition where the cartilage covering the windpipe inflamed and blocked the airflow to the lungs. But even when she was dying, this comic actress did not lose her sense of humor by writing a note and drawing a penis in it for her nurse when she was high on the meds.

Ellie Goulding:  the singer-songwriter and famous for the song “Love Me Like You do”, Ellie Goulding almost died in 2016. She almost drowned in a frozen lake while she was on her way for the European leg of her tour in Norway.

Leonardo DiCaprio:  there were two things that almost killed Leonardo DiCaprio, a shark in South Africa, and a parachute. After a big wave that flipped the cage, the Titanic star had to save himself from becoming a meal by escaping when shark snapped for about 6 times. The parachute, on the other hand, was too tangled to open properly when he was sky diving.

Tracy Morgan:  a truck hit and almost killed the comedian; Tracy Morgan was on his way back from a show. He was in critical condition for several months because of the incident. Luckily, he was able to get out from hospital after one month, but unfortunately, his friend died because of that incident.

George Clooney:  he can top the list of actors who died while performing a stunt. He broke his back and almost killed himself while performing an act for the film “Syriana”. This incident nearly caused him to commit suicide.

Anne Hathaway:  talented actress Anne Hathaway almost died in Hawaii in 2014. She was on a vacation in that beautiful island when she was caught up in a dangerous riptide while swimming in the ocean. Thankfully, a surfer was able to pull her out to shore.

Gary Busey:   Gary Busey suffered from a cracked skull after a horrible motorcycle accident in 1998.  This incident may have caused him permanent brain damage. It was reported that Gary was not wearing a helmet during the crash.

Johnny Depp:  “The Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, Johnny Depp almost left this world in 2011. He was with director Bruce Robinsons flying in a small plane and the engine suddenly died out. Fortunately, the engine kicked back after moments of silence and doubts about getting off the plane alive.

Rachel Bilson:  Rachel Bilson’s migraines are caused by a car accident, which almost killed her. The actress was just 14 years old when the incident happened.

Ozzy Osbourne:  he had an ATV accident in 2003, which nearly killed him. The Black Sabbath frontman had eight fractured ribs, damaged vertebrae and broken collarbone because of the incident. Thankfully, he is now well, and is not paralyzed.

Travis Barker:  the famous drummer of Blink 182, Travis Barker, was involved in a plane crash in 2008. During the crash, he opened a door and his hands caught fire. He was one of the two survivors of the crash, with Adam Goldstein, also known as DJ Adam; unfortunately, four people died because of the incident.

Martin Lawrence:  the comedian, Martin Lawrence suffered a heat stroke in 1999 and briefly slipped into a coma.  He went for a jogging to lose weight for a role, wearing several layers of clothing in the heat. He was rushed in the hospital when he went back to his home after having a temperature of 107.

Gerard Butler:  the “300” star Gerard Butler almost died while filming another movie, “Men and Mavericks”. He almost drowned in 2011 while filming this surfing movie.

Charlize Theron:  Charlize Theron broke her neck while doing a backflip on the set of “Æon Flux”. With this incident, she was rushed to the hospital and shooting was postponed for eight weeks.

George Lucas:  the “Star Wars” director, George Lucas had a car accident during his high school life. Luckily, he survived after being in hospital.

Peter Sellers:  the comedian, Peter Sellers had eight heart attacks in 1964 after using amyl nitrate. It was followed by another one in 1997. However, he did not survive in 1980 after the last attack.

Ryan Reynolds: the skydiving accident almost killed “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds when he was 17 years old. During his 13th jump in his skydiving course, his shoot failed to open after several attempts. He then pulled the reserve and went down to the ground.

Larry Hagman:  Larry Hagman had a liver transplanted. Without the transplant, he might have died in 1995 because of liver failure.

Tony Bennett:  drug overdose is one of main causes of death; Tony Bennett was able to save himself from this tragedy. He also realized that he had to make major changes in life if he wanted to stay alive.

Gloria Estefan:  Gloria Estefan broke her back when her tour bus was almost hit by a semi-truck. This incident almost killed Estefan in 1990.

Sean Kingston:  Sean Kingston had two near-death experiences in a Jet Ski accident. In 2011, the singer suffered fatal injuries and was found with a torn aorta which was discovered in the emergency surgery.

Louis Gossett, Jr.:  Lou Gossett, Jr. fell into a deep hole while he was playing baseball. He was 12 years old when the incident happened. He recalled entering a tunnel of light during the accident.

Rebecca De Mornay:  Rebecca De Mornay suffered from peptic ulcer as a little girl. She remembered being tied to three IVs and heard her doctor telling her mom that she has 50% chance of living. She also recalls getting out of bed and seeing snow out of the window with lampposts and children dancing around it, which she could not find in Mexico City when she went back.

The Game:  Jayceon Terrell Taylor, famously known as The Game was shot five times in 2001. Because of this near-death experience, he was in the coma for three days.  This was one of the most shocking stories we’ve heard here at Brick Noise.

Bethany Hamilton:  the film “Soul Surfer” is based on the experience of Bethany Hamilton. The surfer was victim of a shark attack, which led her to lose one of her arms.

2 Chainz:  the rapper, 2 Chains encountered a robbery at gunpoint in 2013. He nearly died and found bullet fragments in his hair.  That was shocking!

Bryan Ferry:  Bryan Ferry almost died in 2000 during a flight. The Roxy Music frontman was in a British Airways flight. A passenger attacked the pilot, and hit him on hid head causing him to have a commotion, but eventually, the pilot was able to go back to his work when the passenger was successfully detained.

Martin Sheen:  “Apocalypse Now” actor, Marin Sheen almost died of a heart attack while filming the movie. The scenario was in the jungle and he had to crawl for help when he was already suffering the heart attack. He was able to regain his health after several weeks.

Jane Seymour:  actress Jane Seymour had a near-death experience with a penicillin injection. She was 36 years old when she almost died by severe allergic reaction because of the injection. She had flashbacks of her whole life while suffering from the allergy.

Owen Wilson:  “Dude, Where’s My Car” actor Owen Wilson attempted suicide in 2007. He was hospitalized and almost died because of the incident.  That was a shocking and unforgettable event in the actor’s life.

Mark Wahlberg:  Mark Wahlberg will always remember September 11, 2011. This date is very historic for the whole world because this was the time when American Airlines flight 11 crashed the World Trade Center.  The “Ted” actor was scheduled to fly on the said flight but changed his mind and made a stop in Toronto for a film festival.

Sylvester Stallone:  action star, Sylvester Stallone broke his neck while doing a stunt on the set of “The Expendables”. He had an operation and has a metal plate in his neck because of the incident. Thank God he survived this.

Jackie Chan:  even the master of performing stunts like Jackie Chan can encounter near death by doing one. He was shooting for “Armour of God” when he missed his landing when jumping into a tree. His head was smashed, and got a plastic plate placed on his skull.

Kathy Griffin:  Kathy Griffin nearly died from an elective liposuction surgery.  So in case you’re considering this operation, perhaps you could think twice.

Tom Green:  it was in 2001 when Tom Green nearly died in the house he shared with his ex-wife, Drew Barrymore. The house caught on fire in the middle of the night. Luckily, their dog woke them up, but the house’s damages amounted to $700,000.