Adorable Cats That Just Can’t Be Bothered

This is one of the cutest cat gifs we’ve seen. So at the moral of the story is, “never disturb a napping cat if you don’t want to fall on your head.”

Waving away nap-time interruptions! He is one of the laziest cats in town.

Never come between a girl ad her pink plush pig. “I can’t sleep without this plush pig. It’s just so adorable.”

“How Can You Say That I Am Sleepy? Am I? Ah yes, perhaps I am.”

Ralph’s head is signaling that it’s nap time! Just stayed up late last night.  You know, Facebook status.

Tail At Your Service: it’s just another lazy day for me. Master’s out. No one is around. This day is just for me, I guess.

Tired But At Peace: nap time would be best with a buddy.

Go On Until I Get Bored: now, I am bored. See my head?

This Seat is Absolutely Taken:  rock-a-bye kitty! This cat is one of the cutest we’ve seen.

This Meow Had a Loooooooooong Day: it’s been a very long day for a lazy cat. After all, this space is just for me.

At this time of year it is best to take a nap outdoors. Fresh air, and yes, big spaces to sleep. This is all mine.

“My feet must have a nap, pronto!” That must be one awesome dream!

“We Had A Connection Right?: I just can’t reach you! Can you move a little closer?”

Spin it baby! This is what happens when you don’t take you cat to the theme park, and you leave him alone in the house.

This is not how train tracks work in the movies. “Come on, fella. You can do better than that.”

“Rule 101: A Cat Must Always Have Nap Time: this is how we send ourselves to sleep. I know, humans don’t do it this way.”

“Can you tell me why you put me inside this thing? Hey, okay, I won’t mess with your pet bird, promise.”

When meal time is taking too long! How could you resist that face.  We’d be feeding him every 5 minutes.

Mall Santas for hire: he’s doing a better job than the Santa we had at our mall this year!

The Laying Stalk is The New Trend: this is definitely one of the cutest cat GIFs we’ve seen. It’s clever and who would have thought stalking could be done in this position?

When Dad is on vacation, Mom is in charge: “Follow my orders. No exemptions.”

“Yeah, I almost tried… I’m too full to stand up, his tail’s the only thing I could grab to stop him from attacking you.”

Do not interrupt a zen cats’ mediation. “Not even that trick could distract me. Come on. I have been practicing meditation for months. Maybe you should do better than that.”

Cat Walking Harness: this is not how you walk a cat that does not want to walk. Life is all about choices, anyway.

What is more tiring than sitting? Nothing…

What is more tiring than sitting?  Standing!

Perhaps they are tied to the floor and together… we can’t figure out how you get a cat to put up with that.

Cats don’t usually make great pillows.  “No matter what you do, sleep is my priority. That thing you’re doing won’t stop me from getting my seven hours of sleep.”

Not Today Vacuum: “What do you think you’re doing? Not bothered by you at all.”