7 Body Language Tricks That Will Pay Off Forever

Mirroring: this is what you call trying to match the body language of the person you are talking to. It seems like an easy thing to do but it is actually difficult without getting misunderstood. This body language shows agreement to the person in front of you.

Walk with purpose and energy: this body language signifies confidence. Although changing the way you walk can be difficult but it will change the way you see life and the things around you.

Maintain good eye contact:  looking a person straight in the eyes reflect honesty and sincerity. Yes, it seems unnatural and could be uncomfortable at times but if you practice it, it could help you in many ways.

Keep your hands visible: your hands can signify a lot. During a presentation or job interview, make sure that the people you’re talking to have a clear view of what you’re doing with your hands. Put them in front of you. Just show them and do not hide them behind your back or inside your pockets.

Don’t fidget, but don’t be too stiff:  your body reacts naturally to different situations. When you twitch a lot, it signifies nervousness. However, if you don’t move and stay still, it could signify fear. So relax and avoid unnecessary movements.

Sit up straight:  not only it is good for your posture, sitting straight actually reflects confidence. In a job interview, candidates who often lounge are interpreted as weak and nervous, or uninterested. In psychology, sitting up straight is often associated with intelligence and confidence. So straighten up that back!

Work on your handshake:  a firm handshake reflects interest and strength while a weak one reflects of course, weakness. If you shake a person’s hand, look at him or her directly in the eyes. You can also nod a bit to seal the confidence.