Best Optical Illusions That Will Fool Your Eyes

This woman is either double jointed or her legs are on backwards! We wondering how this happened.

Some people see these flip-flops in white and gold while others see them in black and blue. An optical illusion. This photo is really tricky.

We’re arguing about whether these legs are covered in paint or if they’re just shiny. We don’t know.

The book cover is very artistically done. At first look, you’d think there is something weird going on.

A first glance it’s a piece of toast.  Then it’s a sponge.  Then it’s a piece of toast… then it’s a sponge…

There’s a tortoise on the rug. It took us a long time to spot it. This visual trick is excellently executed.

There is a mystery object is in this photo. It’s difficult to figure out what it is.

The dots in this picture are obvious.  But it’s very difficult to count them all in one go.

This looks like Tom Hanks and Bill Murray at the same time. Maybe it’s neither. This is a nice visual trick.

It’s impossible to tell who is hugging who. This visual trick is clever. It really did fool our eyes.

There’s a phone on the floor in this picture.  It takes a long time to find it!

There is something wrong with Adele’s face! The key is in the eyes! It’s difficult for our brain to spot the mistake here.

There’s so many girls in this photo! But there isn’t. A clever visual trick.

The orange dot on the left is smaller than the one on the right.  Not it isn’t. Yes it is. No it isn’t…

It’s difficult to tell the actual color of the hearts. Violet, yellow, blue or orange!

The cat could be going either up or down. Who knows! Well… this visual illusion will fool your eyes.

First you notice the nail polish, then you notice the hand. Yes, right. She only has four instead of five fingers.

The horizontal lines look very bent. They’re actually completely straight believe it or not.

On first inspection this bag is white.  The longer you look the more blue it becomes.

It’s just a photo of pretty rocks… but there’s a person hidden in here too!