24 Facts You Must Know About McDonalds

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Ronald McDonald, the world-famous clown mascot of McDonald’s, was not in-fact the company’s first mascot. ‘Speedee’, a man with a hamburger shaped head, is the original face of McDonald’s, before being replaced as a symbol by the golden arches and as mascot by Ronald McDonald in 1965.

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There are over 36,900 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. There is a McDonald’s restaurant in roughly 120 countries and territories all over the globe. These include Russia, Egypt, Kazakhstan and many, many more!

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 McDonald’s are one of the companies with the most staff worldwide, with over 375,000 employed, that is more than the entire population of several small countries around the globe!

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 There is just one McDonald’s in Cuba… And it is located within the Guantanamo Bay area! It is said to be very popular amongst the US soldiers who reside near the naval base. There is also a Subway branch nearby too, to add a little bit of variety!

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Seven countries no longer have a McDonald’s! These are: Barbados, Bolivia, Iceland, Jamaica, Montenegro, Bermuda and Macedonia. Many of these were shut down due to the inability to make enough sales to keep them going. However, in Iceland’s case, it was down to the collapse of their currency!

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68 Million customers are served each day! That’s roughly the same as the entire population of the United Kingdom, with each person going to McDonald’s every day!

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 It is estimated that as much as 70% of McDonald’s sales in the USA are from Drive-Thru services. The popular service, initiated by McDonald’s in 1975, serves customers in a much more efficient way than the usual counter service! Some branches do not even have counters anymore and are purely drive-thru!

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Easily one of the most valuable companies in the world, it would be surprising to note also that McDonald’s has been making a loss over recent years. However, with its assets and brand, it still totals in at an estimated $18billion worth.

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 McDonald’s is so popular, that something exists called the Big Mac Index – an economic chart to measure the price of Big Mac’s around the globe, to establish an accurate comparison between the price of living in different countries!

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 Due to a lack of a distinct pronunciation of the ‘r’ sound in Japanese speech, Ronald McDonald, the famous mascot of McDonald’s, is called Donald McDonald, to make it easier for the Japanese people to say!

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 In some European countries, mainly Germany and France, McDonald’s branches can be found which sell beer to customers! However, it is very unlikely that this will come to any other countries any time soon.

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In Asian and Oceanic countries, McDonald’s offers a range of different meat and savory pies. These include the Bacon + Potato Pie, a Spinach Pie and a Steak Pie in New Zealand!

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 The largest McDonald’s PlayPlace in the world can be found at the Universal Resort in Orlando, FL. The branch contains over 100 arcade games, as well as plenty of space for children to play around in and explore.

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 Every single second, 75 McDonald’s hamburgers are sold around the world. This totals to 4500 a minute, 270,000 per hour and 6,480,000 a day!

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According to Eric Schlosser, in Fast Food Nation, 1 in 8 working people in the United States of America have, at one point, been employed by McDonald’s.

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It is said that, by both children and adults, the iconic golden arches of McDonald’s are more globally recognized than any other symbol in the entire world: even more well-known than the cross!

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 Go back roughly 20 years and you’ll discover that many McDonald’s branches used to sell pizza! Although a couple remain today, the vast majority do not serve the tasty treat anymore! How disappointing.

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 Despite being often labeled as one of the most unhealthy fast food chains in the world, McDonald’s is the sponsor of both the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games – often releasing promotional meals in time with these events!

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Renowned for being more difficult to get into than Oxford or MIT, there are only several of these Universities around the world. They specialize on training the very best staff and are very selective.

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 When Suleiman Qassab, an ex-Kurdish resistance fighter, returned to Iraqi Kurdistan after working in a McDonald’s in Vienna, Austria, after having to flee his home as a refugee, he applied to open the first McDonald’s in his country. However, due to ongoing hostility between the United States and Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Qassab’s application was rejected. In retaliation, he opened MaDonal, a store which is still open today, as a deliberate rip-off of the iconic American brand.

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 Everyone loves McDonald’s fries… no, literally everyone. They are the most popular item on the menu, according to McDonald’s, and are world-famous for being some of the best fries on the fast food market.

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 Everyone, at some point, has experienced the magic of opening a happy meal to retrieve the toy inside, and because of this long-running product idea, McDonald’s have become the largest distributor of toys in the entire world!

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The McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice, sold the company to American businessman Ray Kroc for $2.7million in 1961. Considering Kroc went on to be named in the Time 100: Most Important People of the Century, this can be seen to have been quite a good purchase for the Chicago-born franchisor.

McDonalds sells a lot of burgers every year! It is estimated that 5 billion burgers is sold every year by the chain! That’s a lot of beef needed. In fact, a heard of 25 million cows would be needed to cater for McDonald’s need!