22 Fruits and Vegetables You Never Knew Existed!

The horned melon: this is a very weird looking fruit that looks even weirder on the inside!! It is also called the African cucumber or the Kiwano and originates from Kalahari Desert! It tastes like cucumber, kiwi and bananas at the same time!

Pink tiger lemons: this fruit was first discovered in the 1930s in California. It is a mix between lemon, lime and orange! Not only does it look very pretty, it also is less acidic than a normal lemon and has more flavors to it! Try it in a cocktail, it tastes amazing!

The pineberry: yes it looks like a strawberry covered in white chocolate! However, this weird looking fruit tastes nothing like it! It may look like strawberry, but in fact it tastes and smells like pineapple!

Cherimoya: is a rough looking heart shaped fruit! Don’t be scared by its tough appearance, if you open it, you will find a very soft and delicious custardy inside. This is also called custard apple.

Romanesco: this is an extremely complex and beautiful looking vegetables! It almost looks like someone carved it. This is a very tasty veggie that tastes like cauliflower, broccoli and nuts!

Purple sweet potato: perfect for dinner parties, to impress you friends or for Halloween parties! This is a sweet potato with a bright purple color! It’ll brightened your dinners and impress you guests!

The dragon fruit: names this way because of its bright pink color! This fruit actually looks like it could be the heart of a dragon! It has a delicious pear taste and is perfect for smoothies!

The strasberry: this fruit is a strange hybrid looking strawberry. Yes, it is a strawberry, and not a raspberry! It is sweeter and juicier than your average strawberry and goes perfectly well with cream as a summer dessert!

Mini-avocado: yes, these are mini-avocados! They are the cutest vegetables ever and have been massively instagrammed since 2015, winning the award of the most instagrammed veggie of all times! It is tiny and much sweeter and creamier than normal avocados!