21 Most Bizarre Sea Creatures!

Pink See Through Fantasia: this incredibly strange creature is not as sexy as its name! It is in fact a sea cucumber! It can be found a 1.5 mile down the sea in the western Pacific!

Squiworm: also found in the western Pacific Ocean, this is a very bizarre creature! It doesn’t seem to know what it is and marine scientists have called it a squidworm… It looks a little creepy!

Christmas Tree Worm: this is one of the cutest bizarre worms found in the sea or on land! It can be different colors, blue, red, orange etc. They live on corals and look exactly like a Christmas tree! If threatened they fold their ‘branches’ very quickly!

Sea angel: this very strange and beautiful sea creature lives in the deep Antarctic sea! It is in fact a type of snail and not so much an angelic one! It is a predatory snails that flies through the seas in search of its prays!

Marrus Orthocanna: this tiny microscopic sea creature looks like a fiery rocket! It is made of several units that are completely identical and possess several stomachs and tentacles!

Fang Tooth: is the very weird and scary looking fish! It is, however, inoffensive! It has very bad eye sight and lives in very very deep waters!

The bioluminescent Octopus: this is an incredible creature! Bioluminescent means that it glows in the dark! This fantastic octopus can create its own light!

The vampire squid: it looks very scary and deserves its name well for that! Do not be scared, however, this is a very small creature and it does not suck your blood! The tip of its tentacles are bioluminescent and look incredible!

Leafy Seadragon: yes, dragons do exist and they live in the sea! This dragon is very small, however and does not spit fire balls! It is part of the same family as seahorses!


Fathead: this is one of the weirdest (if not THE weirdest) looking fish we have ever seen! It is also called Blobfish, for good reasons, clearly. It lives in the deep seas off the coast of Australia!


Crossota Norvegia Jellyfish: this is given us the chills… it looks like a very deadly jellyfish. It however very unlikely anyone will encounter it during a summer beach day as it lives in the deep seas of the Arctic Canada basin!!