21 Most Beautiful Waterfalls You’ve Ever Seen


Gullfalls, Iceland: absolutely stunning waterfall in Iceland. It falls down a crevice which makes it look like it is disappearing into the earth! It is not very high, 68ft (21m) plunge.

The Niagara Falls: very famous waterfalls at the canadian/USA border. They form two separate waterfalls on each country, the horseshoe fall in Canada and the American falls in the USA. However, the horseshoe falls remain the most impressive of the Niagara Falls!

Plitvice Falls, Croatia: these waterfalls are found in Croatia national park. They are extremely beautiful as the water color varies between crystal clear, to blue, turquoise and green!! The waterfalls form more than a hundred cascades throughout the forest.

Yosemite Falls, USA: found inside the Yosemite national park in California, USA, it is the highest waterfall in Northern America! It drops an impressive 2 425ft (739m). However, if the amount of snow is minimal, the water flow may actually stop!

Sutherland Falls, New-Zealand: names after its discoverer, Donald Sutherland in 1880. It plunges 1902 ft (580m) and forms three unique cascades! It is one of the highest in the world!

Detian Falls, Vietnam: these waterfalls are located in one of the most beautiful scenery you’ll see! Not very high, 197ft (60m), they form numerous cascades that drop into a beautiful turquoise, green pool!

Havasu Falls, USA: located in the very famous Grand Canyon in the USA, they are one of the most photographed waterfalls in this national park! The two waterfalls come out of red fiery rocks and plunge into a beautiful turquoise water pool!

McWay Falls, USA: very beautiful waterfall found in California. It is an 80 ft (24m) plunge directly on the beach by the Pacific Ocean. It runs all year round and is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

Burney Falls, USA: located in California, these beautiful waterfalls were called by President Roosevelt the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. The water comes from an underground spring and flows all year round. It has a flow of close to 100 million gallons per day!!

Kilt Rock Waterfall, UK: is a stunning waterfall in a stunning part of the world, the Isle of Skye in North Scotland. The rock formation around the waterfall resembles a scottish kilt, hence the name of the waterfall. It plunges directly into the sea and provides an extraordinary view!

Manawaiopuna Falls, USA: waterfalls made famous from the movie “Jurassic Park”, and therefore also named the Jurassic Falls! It is 360 ft (109m) high and is located in Hawaï! Once a secret waterfall, it is a now a popular tourist attraction!

Multonah Falls, USA: located in Portland, USA and is the highest waterfall in the state! It is divided into two steps, one at 542 ft (165m) and one at 69 ft (21m)!

The Rhine Falls, Switzerland: the Rhine is a huge river crossing several countries in Europe such as Germany, France and Switzerland! Not high, 75 ft (22m), they are however the largest plain waterfalls in Europe!

Jog Falls, India: these waterfalls are the second highest plunge in India! They fall an incredible 830 ft (252m) drop! Absolutely stunning!

Wallaman Falls, Australia: it is a permanent waterfall and the highest single-drop in Australia! It is located in the Wet Tropics World Heritage zone where you can find some of the most ancient rainforest in the world!

Kawasan Falls, Philippines: located in souterhen Cebu, in lush tropical forests and surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks, these are one of the most beautiful waterfalls to visit!

Torc waterfalls, Ireland: located in the Kelarney National Park in Ireland, these waterfalls are surrounded by a fairy-tale like forest! It is 80 ft (24m) high and offers a stunning view from the top!