21 Of the Most Horrible Tattoos You’ve Ever Seen

Getting inked is a form of expression. People also mark themselves to be reminded of something they believe in. Make sure that your instructions are clear, and the tattoo artist sober on that day to avoid inscribing a permanent disaster on your skin!!

This is a very touching testimonial for Michael Jackson! However the author could have paid more attention to his quote “he touched so many…”, as this could be misleading!!

That baby being eaten by a shark might not a story you want to have printed on your arm pit for the rest of your life. This lady has a very weird sense of art.

If you want to get a quote tattooed on your body, make sure the tattoo artist can actually spell or is proficient in the language you want the quote to be in. Or else you will end up with a tattoo resembling the picture above…

We know Snooki of ” The Jersey Shore” isn’t so lovable but you could simply not watch the show instead of having her inked on your arms during her not-so-fortunate times.

Sometimes people have peculiar ideas about what is ‘cool’. However, what we each of us like is a matter of personal taste and even if many people will not understand this man’s tattoo, we can definitely say that is original!! Scary, even!

This is one of those tattoos-gone-bad moments when you wished you had kicked the tattoo artist in the nuts. Overall, this is a poor reproduction of the picture forever inked on this person’s skin!

These twins might not be happy about this when they grow up… The parents think it’s cute, the girls will probably be horrified by it later!! We gotta applaud the quality of the portraits though!

Hmm so this is another case of illiterate tattoo artist… Unless the guy getting tattooed also has issues with English grammar… We understand “never give up”, but “never don’t give” makes no sense, unfortunately.

Love isn’t always perfect. Sometimes you’re just two lost pieces of a puzzle meant to fit together… And sometimes not…

This is another tattoo that nobody will get… There seemed to be a lot of things going on in the mind of the person who asked for this…

Well this is something interesting isn’t it! It could just be a hygiene reminder…

We’re not sure if the person who asked for this was fond of horror movies or if the tattoo artist was. This a very creepy thing to have tattooed on your arm forever!

This is a face art you don’t get from a children’s party. This is something you get from prison. Clearly this man has a liking for pole dancers… Children, look away!