21 Facts on Deadpool You Never Knew


His name is a joke: Deadpool’s real name, Wade Wilson is a joke! Really, it is! When it was first developed, Deadpool looked so similar to DC’s character, Deathstroke whose real name is Slade Wilson, that they decided to name Deadpool, Wade Wilson as a joke!

Why a red costume? Well, at first Deadpool was meant to be a simple and easy character to draw so that the artists would meet the deadlines. The artists were inspired by Spider-Man’s own costume. In the comics, this was translated by having Deadpool continuously trying to make Spider-Man his best-friend!


Deadpool’s obsession: Deadpool has an obsession with Spider-Man, always trying to win him over as his best-friend! Spider-Man isn’t convinced yet but Deadpool is persistent and is sure he will get there at some point!


Deadpool love stories: Deadpool is not a typical comic character and nor are his sentimental relationships. He is known to have had relationships with aliens, humans, and even a physical representation of Death! Deadpool doesn’t discriminate  between male and female characters either, making him completely unprejudiced!


Deadpool’s a money maker: the movie had an original budget of $58 million and was shot in just 48 days! That is incredibly quick! What’s more is that it became the first ever R-rated movie to make above $100 million at the US Box-Office!!

Skye Gould/Tech Insider

One of the lowest budget in history: Deadpool had one of the lowest budget in the history of super hero movies! Not only that, it grossed just short of $500 million worldwide despite China’s ban on the movie!!



Deadpool was never supposed to become who he is! Indeed, he was first introduced as a villain in the comic The New Mutant #98! Looked quite different there!

Deadpool is… Wait for it… Canadian!!! Yes, people, our beloved anti-hero is from Canada! What’s more, he is super patriotic about it!

Ryan Reynolds is super buff! For the movie Deadpool’s costume was made with an extra layer of muscle to look super buff! However, Mr. Reynolds’s fitness was so impressive that the costume was too tight for him! The layer of muscles had to be removed! What you see in the movie is Ryan Reynolds’s actual muscles definition…!

Dopinder, the taxi driver in Deadpool was actually a real guy! Ryan Reynolds revealed that he knew him back in school and that he died when was hit by lighting. The taxi driver was meant as a tribute to Ryan’s old friend.

Heart warming: during the set Ryan Reynolds cooperated with the Make A Wish foundation! He ensured that kids could come and visit him on set! One of them wanted to meet Deadpool and had his wish come true! He even got to wear his mask! Big clap for Ryan!

Deadpool and Ryan’s anniversary: the movie was released exactly 25 years after the first appearance of Deadpool in the comic book The New Mutant #98 in 1991! Coincidently, Ryan Reynolds started his acting career in 1991 too!

The sexiest man in the world! In the opening  credits of the movie, you can see a magazine with a picture of Ryan Reynolds as the Sexiest Man Alive. This is a real magazine and a real issue that was published in 2010. Ryan is after all the sexiest man alive!


Deadpool’s make-up for the movie took about 8 hours to get done!! Once it was done, Ryan was not allowed to sit or lie down!! That’s a very long day without even sitting one minute!

Gina Carano, as Angel Dust in the movie looks like a gal who’s not scared of anything…! Well, turns out that during her junkyard fight scene, Gina was more scared of spider than getting hurt during her stunt!

Mr. Reynolds is a real funny guy! For April’s Fool Day in 2015, he release a statement on his Twitter stating that Deadpool would be a PG-13 movie… Scared a few fans, then admitted it was a prank and the movie would be R rated! What a joker that one!

In the movie you can see Ryan Reynolds wearing this Bea Arthur t-shirt. This is a reference to the comic book as Deadpool is a fan of Bea Arthur and the Golden Girls TV show! $10,000 had to be paid for this t-shirt to be seen on the movie!


The sword master: in order to be on top of the action for the movie, Ryan Reynolds had to prepare a lot! Deadpool is a master a wielding swords! Ryan therefore hired a sword master to train him for the movie!

It’s Destiny! In the 2004 comic book series, Deadpool described himself as a “Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pei”! Ryan Reynolds playing as Deadpool in the movie was only fate!

Ryan Reynolds announced that Deadpool would be the first and only comic book character he would play. He is open to starring in Deadpool sequels though! This relationship is meant to be!


Ryan Reynolds celebrates Halloween! He actually dressed up as Deadpool before the release of the movie and did some seasonal fun promoting his upcoming movie!