10 Words Never to Say During a Job Interview

“Um”: this is a sound most people utter unconsciously, especially when they are looking for something to say. This sound will totally ruin your job interview or any speaking engagement for that matter. When you say this word, it can either mean two things: you don’t know what you are talking about or you are lying. Instead of using this word, you can simply say nothing or pause for a little bit to clear your mind. When you finally think of what it is you wanted to say, go on.

Try:  do not try. Do it. Using the word ‘try’ in an interview makes you look like a ‘playing safe’ candidate and it does not reflect commitment. It also means that you can do something but you won’t do it given any other situation. Saying “I will try to succeed” does not actually mean, “I will succeed.” Employers want people who have their goals set clearly – and trying to do it is not an option.

Hate:  this is a very strong word and it does not reflect positive energy for most of the time. When used improperly, this could reflect that you are a freak. Hating something or someone only reveals that you are not in a healthy mental position to do the job.

Honestly:  everyone loves an honest person. We think the world needs more of it. But using this word in an interview is not a good idea. Starting your statement with “To be honest,” or “Honestly,” is just a meaningless statement. It can only create doubts in the mind of the company. This also means that you could be lying about what you are saying.

Perfectionist:  if you think that this word will help you get hired, think again. It does not reflect strength for you but more of a weakness. The interviewee would think that you are a person who will not be happy at all – no matter what.

Amazing:  this word is an exaggerated word for simple expressions like ‘nice’ or ‘good’ or ‘interesting’. Why not use those words instead? Avoid using the word amazing. You’re not commenting about a travel spot anyway.

Basically:  seriously what is about this word? This might be one of the most overused words in the dictionary. People use it like it means something but it actually does not.

Irregardless:  People keep using it, but this is an informal word that shouldn’t be used during an interview. Instead, use words like ‘regardless’.

Whatever: If you use this word in a statement like “I do whatever it takes to finish the job assigned to me”, then you are in a good position. But if you are trying to say you don’t care about something or whatever circumstance it may incur, then you have to think of other words because ‘whatever’ won’t help you land your dream job.

I:  Using the word ‘I’ a lot in an interview would mean that you only care about yourself and that you are not a team player. There are other ways to describe yourself without using too much ‘I’s. Instead of saying “I am in charge of …”, you can simply put it this way: “One of my responsibilities is to ensure that …” Your goal in a job interview is to tell them about how good you are at what you do, but be careful to not overdo it.